New Members

Welcome all new Arrowmen to Saklan Lodge!
What is to be expected of you as a member of our Lodge?

Your prime responsibility is still to your unit (Troop or Team) that elected you. They placed a hope that in you, that the unit would become stronger with better leadership. This will happen with your efforts as a leader in your unit.

You must continue to provide leadership in your unit in whatever way you can. Your fellow scouts look up to you now… Wear your sash with pride and honor as you represent all of your brother Arrowmen. Your fellow scouts and leaders expect that your experience in the Order will make you a more valuable scout in service to your unit.

The OA provides many leadership opportunities including being a Lodge or Chapter Officer, as a member of a Lodge or Chapter Committee, or participating on a Ceremonies Team, attending training sessions at Conclave, or being an Elangomat to help future candidates at Ordeals.

At these events you will share with fellow scouts; new places to go camping, camping traditions, games, inspiration, new areas of interest, and fellowship within the larger picture of Scouting…

Do not sit back and rest upon the honor bestowed you! Take heed of the words spoken to you in your Ordeal. Read your handbook, attend Chapter meetings and Lodge events, and begin to understand what selfless and cheerful service to others is!  If you have just completed your Ordeal, you are now embarking on a year long journey of self-reflection that should bring you before us once again… when you may make your conversion to Brotherhood!

Wearing the OA Sash & Lodge Flap

Your sash should be treated with the honor it represents. Keep it clean and do not let it touch the ground. It should be worn with a full class A Field Uniform at all Order of the Arrow events. At a Unit Court of Honor, you may opt to wear your OA Sash if appropriate OR your Merit Badge Sash, but BSA guidelines are clear that you may NOT wear both at the same time. Your sash is NOT to be folded and tucked into ones belt at any time.

Your flap should be worn on your right front pocket flap. You should only wear it and the sash if you are a current dues paying member of the Lodge. Lodge dues must be paid annually. The flap and sash are the symbols of your membership. Flaps should be sewn onto the pocket flap and not stapled.