Lodge Elections

Are you under the age of 21 for the coming year (until next year’s Banquet)?
Then You are the youth we are looking for… to run the Lodge!

The Saklan Order of the Arrow Lodge is Youth Run.
Who among you will take up the challenge to run the Saklan Lodge?
We need you to cheerfully step up and get involved in this great Service and Honor society.

Not ready to be the Lodge Chief but want to have fun while serving the Lodge?
Members of the LEC help plan and execute all the Lodge functions, including but not limited to, Fellowships, Ordeals, Promoting Events, Budgeting, and much more!
We have multiple elected Lodge Vice-Chief positions including:

Vice-Chief of Administration

  • As the Lodge Secretary he works with the Chief, responsible for membership records, LEC minutes, governance, training, Lodge Rules and policy guides
  • Committees include: Training, Unit Visitations, Records

Vice-Chief of Program

  • Responsible for making the program happen, keeping it fun at Lodge events
  • This includes Fellowship events, BBQ …. etc.
  • Committees include: Dance, Fellowship, Service, Conclave, NOAC

Vice-Chief of Inductions

  • Oversees inducting new members with help from his committee
  • Committees include: Ordeal, Ceremonies, Brotherhood, Vigil, Grounds

Vice-Chief of Finance

  • Responsible for the Lodge finances including budget, tracking expenses, and purchasing
  • Committees include: Trading Post, Fundraising

Vice-Chief of Communications

  • Communicates lodge events, activities, information, etc… to the Lodge
  • Gets the word out …
  • Committees include: OA Unit Representative, Webmaster, Publications

Come experience the fun and fellowship at the core of the Lodge. Be involved in creating the fun, set the agenda, build in the activities you want and be among the first to know what is happening.
You do not need special skills to take on the job – just your Scout Skills and a desire to learn. Each officer in the Order of the Arrow gets an adult Adviser as a resource to learn from.

We also need Committee Chairs and members for the Committees too.
Our Committee Chairs are selected by the Lodge Chief working with his Vice-Chiefs.  Committee members are selected by the Committee Chairman.

Interested in being a Committee Chair or serving on a committee?
Come to the Lodge Banquet and talk to your lodge leaders!

A key Committee Chair position we are looking to fill is Brotherhood Chairman:
He helps members attain the Brotherhood Honor with the assistance of the Elangomats.

Take a look at the Vice-Chief descriptions for a complete list of standing committees and find an area that is interesting to you. For more information on elections send email to oa@svmbc.org.
If you want to run for any of the positions please send email to oa@svmbc.org.


The lodge expects that all of the Lodge officers attend the monthly Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. You can attend in person at the Scout Office at 970 W. Julian Street, San Jose or virtually over the Internet via Zoom or Call in.

The voting members of the LEC include the Lodge Chief, Immediate past Lodge Chief, all of the Vice-Chiefs and all of the Chapter Chiefs. Committee Chairs are also important to the discussions and influence the votes of their Vice-Chief.

If you cannot attend it will be your responsibility to have another to attend in your place.  Any Arrowman is welcome to attend the LEC meetings.

Voting LEC Positions are normally elected by the Lodge at the Annual Saklan Banquet. Arrowmen may list one or more positions that they are interested in! Please feel free to email oa@svmbc.org with the subject header “Lodge Elections” if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, as well as suggestions.