Lodge Executive Committee

The voting Youth Members of the Lodge Executive Committee, or LEC for short, are comprised of the Lodge Chief, along with his 5 Lodge Vice Chiefs each overseeing their own departments, Programs, Induction, Administration, Finance, and Communications, as well a total of 7 Chapter Chiefs. Excluding the Chapter Chiefs, all voting Youth Members of the LEC are elected to their positions by the Lodge. Chapter Chiefs are elected to their positions by their respective Chapters. Click here for more details on elections.

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Saklan Lodge Officers and Advisors
Position Name Phone email
Lodge Chief * Keith Hertzberg
Lodge Adviser David Hertzberg 408-972-5968 dhertzberg67@gmail.com
Staff Adviser Diane Betz 408-657-8312 William.Waits@scouting.org
Program Vice-Chief * Morris Wilson
Program Adviser open
Administrative Vice-Chief * Christopher Pham
Administrative Adviser Anna-Marie Kirkham 408-921-4356 amp@kirkham.org
Communications Vice-Chief * Anuj Kamdar
Communications Adviser Steve Gomez 408-410-5925 goscouts11@gmail.com
Inductions Vice-Chief * Isaiah Torres
Inductions Adviser open
Finance Vice-Chief * Aaron Chen
Finance Adviser Rick Dexter 408-268-9001 rick@dexterfamily.com
Immediate Past Chief Evan Kirkham
Associate Lodge Adviser Dan Krent 408-373-5825 dan@krent.com

Chapter Chiefs and Advisors
Position Name Phone email
Hattape Chief * Ben Walker
Hattape Adviser David Donnelly 408-605-7562 david.donnelly@p3plastics.com
Hattape Associate Adviser Alan White 408-489-1890 alanw16@hotmail.com
Lowaneu Allanque Chief * Jacob Bjornson
Lowaneu Allanque Adviser David Low 408-242-9852 dave.low@lamresearch.com
Quetzacotal Chief * Ramone Duran
Quetzacotal Advisor Rich Westphal 831-801-3202 usmayd@sbcglobal.net
Sit Caw Yu Chief * Jaden Mendenhall
Sit Caw Yu Advisor Dean Smith 831-239-6206 smith999@yahoo.com
Tindeuchen Chief *Vinayak Sharath
Tindeuchen Adviser Steve Goldammer 408-926-9548 steve.goldammer@miner.mst.edu
Woakus Chief * Greg Brown
Woakus Adviser Michael Gluszczak, Sr. 408-836-7521 michaelandeve@sbcglobal.net
Yakiski Shanex Chief *
Yakiski Shanex Advisor Trevor Weidner-Holland 831-277-1353 omega1182@hotmail.com

* Voting members of Lodge Executive Committee and count for voting quorum.

Direct email contact with youth is not permitted. Please contact them through their Adult Adviser.