What:  The Ordeal is the first opportunity for OA candidates selected in the previous year (365 days) to become Ordeal Members of Saklan Lodge. It is also a great opportunity for existing members to experience the Ordeal again through the Elangomat ­Nimat Program. Additionally, eligible Arrowmen of the Ordeal Honor will have the oppurtunity to attain their Brotherhood Honor (click here for more details). Existing Members can also help staff for the Ordeal as a part of the Ceremonies and/or Grounds Team.

Where:  In past years, one Ordeal was held at each of the three Council owned Campgrounds (Camp Pico Blanco, Camp Hi Sierra, and Chesebrough Scout Reservation), totaling three Ordeals. Due to the Fire/Road Closure of Camp Pico Blanco, only two Ordeals are currently scheduled for 2018. Please see the schedule below for their respective dates.



  • All Order of the Arrow candidates elected within 1 year (365 days) of the given Ordeal in Silicon Valley Monterey Bay County Council
  • All Ordeal Honor members those interested in attaining the Brotherhood Honor
  • All Lodge members interested in being an Elangomat or Project Leader and receiving a special Lodge Flap


Click below for information on Ordeals.

Hi-Sierra Ordeal Cover
Fall Ordeal

CURRENT MEDICAL FORM NEEDED – All Arrowmen must turn in a BSA Medical Form with Parts A&B completed (Part C not required) at the time of their registration, or present it when they sign in at camp. Scouts/Arrowmen without a medical form will be turned away at sign-in. Please also indicate any dietary restrictions (vegetarian, food allergies, etc.) at the time of registration!!


  • Gear for an Overnight Campout**
  • Class A Uniform
  • Work Clothes (might get dirty)
  • Work Gloves
  • Mess Kit
  • Completed BSA Medical Form Parts A&B

**You will not need to bring any Cooking equipment (i.e. stoves, pots, pans, etc).**