What:  Ordeal is the first opportunity for OA candidates selected by their units to become Ordeal Members of Saklan Lodge. It is also a great opportunity for existing members to experience the Ordeal again through the Elangomat-¬≠Nimat Program. Additionally, eligible Arrowmen of the Ordeal Honor will have the opportunity to attain their Brotherhood Honor. Existing Members also help staff for the Ordeal as a part of the Ceremonies and/or Work Teams and Clans.

Where:  In past years, Ordeals were held at each of the three Council owned Campgrounds (Camp Pico Blanco, Camp Hi Sierra, and Chesebrough Scout Reservation), totaling three Ordeals. Due to the Fire/Road Closure of Camp Pico Blanco in 2017, and the current Pandemic of 2019-2020, only one Ordeal is currently scheduled for 2020 for EACH Chapter/District in Saklan Lodge. Please see the schedule below for the dates of each Chapter Ordeal. You must submit a “COVID-19 Participant Assumption of Risk Agreement” signed by you and your parent if under age 18 before attending this event.
Agreement available HERE.



  • All Order of the Arrow candidates elected within 1 year (365 days) of the given Ordeal in Silicon Valley Monterey Bay County Council
  • All Ordeal Honor members those interested in attaining the Brotherhood Honor
  • All Lodge members interested in being an Elangomat, Project or Clan Leader and receiving a special Lodge Flap


Click links above to Register for Ordeal in your Chapter/District.

CURRENT MEDICAL FORM NEEDED – All Arrowmen must turn in a BSA Medical Form with Parts A&B completed (Part C not required) at the time of their registration, or present it when they sign in at camp. Scouts/Arrowmen without a medical form will be turned away at sign-in. Please also indicate any dietary restrictions (vegetarian, food allergies, etc.) at the time of registration!!


  • Class A Uniform
  • Work Clothes (might get dirty)
  • Work Gloves
  • Face Mask covering for Nose & Mouth (No Neck Gaiters, Scarves, Buffs)
  • Completed BSA Medical Form Parts A&B
  • COVID-19 agreement signed by you and your Parent/Guardian

**You will not need to bring any Cooking equipment (i.e. stoves, pots, pans, etc).**